What Can I Trademark?

A word, symbol, device, phrase or even a color are all eligible for trademark Anything that distinguishes your goods or services may qualify for a trademark. However, the item must be used in commerce to obtain protection from the law. Trademarks have a 10-year protection span.

Why Do I Need a Trademark?

  • Distinguish your company from others
  • Indicate the source of goods
  • Distinguish your service from others
  • Give permission or licensing rights to other

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Our Trademark Package Includes:

  • ANALYSIS: Trademark clearance search and analysis report
  • DEVELOPMENT: Development of mark and commerce guidance
  • FILING: Preparation/filing of Trademark Application (includes filing fee)
  • RESPOND: Unlimited responses to all USPTO Office Actions issued

$1,275 (includes the filing fee for one USPTO class) 

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